Saturday, December 11, 2010

Makin' me a sandwich...

With real bread (aka - wheat bread) in the house again, I have recaptured my love of the sandwich. My only annoyance with making them has been the mayonnaise. I fear kissing Jack with my mayo lips. I keep meaning to pick up some veganaise...Jack can't have that either but at least it's egg free. I don't think he'd eat mayonnaise if given the chance which begs me to question: what came first, the allergies or the aversions? Is your allergic child naturally suspicious of foods they shouldn't eat??? Mine sure is.

And the mustard you see in the picture isn't very good either. Jack picked it because it has a hot dog on the label (those clever marketing execs), that's what happens when a four year old does your grocery shopping. Wait, I think he was three back then - ewww, I should really replace that mustard.

Another sad truth: you see that beautiful avocado? It's from Costco. Last week I bought some teeny tiny organic ones and they were bruised and stringy (ultimate blech to my sensory side) and tasted a little funky. So, non-organic it is, because I am going to ENJOY this sammich. Every wheaty bite!


  1. You should have your dad drive by the house and see if there are any avos left on our trees. And I so wish I could figure out how to make my blog page as pretty as yours! :)

  2. You have to play around with the design settings. I can e-mail you a step by step if you want. :)

  3. I hate it when organic produce lets me down like that.

    Alex went through a very suspicious phase that often seemed to be clued in to things he shouldn't eat. It has mostly worn off now.