Friday, December 10, 2010


I promised to get deeper into my explanation of miasms in regard to our use of homeopathy. I think I've been avoiding it because it's a yogic mind stretch and my brain has been lazy. As you know, we have sequentially treated both boys by giving homeopathic remedies for traumas (injuries, drugs, etc) that have occurred in their lives. We first created time lines of those events and then treated from most recent to birth/pregnancy. At that point, we began the next level of the heilkunst protocol which is treating for inherited infectious diseases, or chronic miasms as named by Dr. Hahnemann.

I have heard miasms described as susceptibility - each miasm predisposes a person to a certain kind of dynamic in illness. The eight chronic miasms are: Psorinum (Psora), Malaria (Malaria), Tuberculinum (Tuberculosis), Ringworm (Ringworm), Medorrhinum (Sycosis), Carcinosin (Cancer), Syphilinum (Syphilis) and Lyme (Lyme). (got that? there's a quiz later!) The names were given by Hahnemann and some are quite obvious in nature while others are more mysterious - Sycosis is the Greek word for "fig" which is a shout out to small genital warts, apparently they looked like figs to Dr. H. I will never look at a fig the same.

So, in understandable language, let's say you are susceptible to sinus infections, acne, depression, or allergic reactions. You inherited that susceptibility and that is what miasms are targeting. Exciting no?

Jack is on the first miasm, Psora. Harvey has already trudged through psora, malaria, and is now working through tuberculosis. Now that I'm caught up on my homeopathy homework, time to give these poor sick kiddos some much needed mama snuggles!

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