Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sleeping with the enemy...

Got dust?

Not only do these guys look like an attacking sci fi alien army, they're real....and they're kicking my kiddo's butt. Jack has been waking every morning sneezing and congested. I suspect it's disrupting his sleep as well. Poor fella! So I'm going on the defense and washing every possible article of bedding, dusting, and vacuuming today to see if his symptoms lessen overnight. It got really bad when we pulled out our winter bedding and threw heated (dust mites lurve warmth) blankets under our comforter. We have covers on our mattresses/pillows and have an anti allergen duvet so I think the culprit is our heavy winter blanket (please please fit in the washing machine!) and mass reproduction due to the added heat. Plus even if it's the wrong environment for the mites or if you kill them with high temps or sunlight, their pellets (doo doo) are the main source of allergen so "Lucy, you have some cleaning to do!!". Nasty.

Wish me luck. And give me tips if you have any!! This. means. war.

ETA: That blanket did NOT fit in the washer. Had to wash in in the bathtub then run it through a couple spin cycles but it is clean as can be. Easily weighed a hundred pounds - giving new meaning to the term "wet blanket". Sheesh. Did my darnedest on those mites so I'm crossing fingers for a better night's sleep and the ability for Jack to breathe in the morning.

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  1. Noah has been waking up at night with an itchy, stuffy nose, and we thought it was always a food allergy from the previous day(s). These allergies are quite frustrating!

    Thanks for the idea, we are going to try washing everything to see if it helps. And perhaps changing the filters on our purifiers :)