Monday, December 6, 2010

What brings this allergy mom to tears?

My boys are eating fish sticks. The meal started a bit unorthodox - I smushed one all over Jack's back and waited ten minutes, just to be sure that hives didn't appear. He's been tested for cod but you never know what kind of crazy cross-contamination could be at play. We've seen that first hand.

Then I worried "will he eat fish??" but there they sit, devouring their sticks o' fish. And I'm crying. Tears of joy, for my boy, who once lived on bananas.


  1. Yay, yay, yay! We want to try feeding my (allergic) boy fish soon, specifically cod. I hadn't thought about smushing it onto his back first... Perhaps we'll try that first.

  2. Janice - I've always used this method as a home skin prick test. It only works for us if he's severely allergic (peanut, dairy, egg) and in this last year it no longer works for dairy which I take as a sign of improvement on that particular allergen. One of the worst reactions he's had was from a cross contamination (peanut I suspect) in a food that should have been safe otherwise. He got contact hives around his mouth right away so now anytime I'm trying a new food I rub it on him first. Just another lesson learned the hard way. BTW - I just checked out your blog and am excited to dig deeper into it! Good to see a fellow heilkunst patient! :)

  3. Hi Juniper: Great info. We've tested liquids on his arm before, but generally haven't tried solids yet. Good to hear how it works for parents, esp. in terms of how it works only for severe allergies.

    I feel a strong kinship with you and your approach. I've read your blog from start to finish. I love your approach and also the positive tone of your blog. (I know that it's not always easy to remain positive). It's encouraging to hear how Heilkunst, supplementation and a healthy diet is helping your family.

    Take care,