Friday, January 14, 2011

FOODIE Friday: Kale Chips Edition

Dinner last night was....ehhh. It was a crock pot deal with beef, potatoes, fennel. Edible and enjoyable but not blog worthy. BUT, I promised food and I intend to deliver so this will hafta do.

The package is empty -- just visualize kale with a yellow powdery hue -- so obviously they were good. (Disclaimer: I was STARVING) However, Harvey liked them too. The only downside is that they contain cashews - they would have been allergen free (for us) otherwise. Mother! I'm now inspired to make kale chips so if you have a recipe that you've used successfully please send it my way. Sheez, I was supposed to post a recipe and now I'm panhandling for one.

Anywhooz - these were made using a dehydrator which I don't have, and don't have room for, so I'll try doing an oven version. No, they won't have the same "raw quality" but if I can get Kale into Jack's stomach without surgical intervention I'll consider it a miracle. If not, Harvey and I will have to snarf them all - not. a. problem!


  1. We make kale in the oven and dehydrator, but the oven version definitely tastes better. Our 3 year old just scarfs them down! Have you tried just cooking them in the oven with some olive oil? Even my husband (who cannot yet be converted completely to a healthy real food diet, especially if that means vegetables) loves them. We just bake them in the oven (sprayed with olive oil) at 350 for approximately 10 minutes or so. My husband likes to turn them halfway through and spray them, but I'm not sure it's necessary.

    We just started making carrots and beets in the oven too - covered with olive oil and we let them cook for an hour. They turn out so yummy, especially the carrots (and I am not a cooked carrot or a beet fan!) We are trying new veggies this way too - it seems the combo of oven and olive oil makes veggies taste yummy :)

  2. Well that sounds simple enough! I LOVE roasting veggies. I do a sweet potato, carrot, onion, fennel, garlic combo that is SO good. I roast at 400 degrees for about an hour and a half and give the veggies a flip every fifteen minutes or so. Adding the garlic in near the end. YUM!