Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Flu Year!

I'm alive! After days of knock knock knocking on death's door I can assure you, there's meaning behind those words.

We're all on the mend and although we holed up and tuned out all week, a lot has been happening. First, Jack is going through gluten withdrawals which, combined with sickness, has been pretty rough. He's having bouts of anger that are downright frightening. Looking back, some of that anger began weeks ago (I refused to immediately blame the wheat) but it's ten times worse right now. I'm hoping the withdrawals pass quickly, I believe it can take a month or two though for the gluten to leave your system completely. Just not sure if the gluten is the issue or if this is a wheat specific sensitivity. We can now see that his anxiety was increasing over the last month as well. I have a whole post on that - stay tuned.

Jack is at preschool today and (DRUM ROLL PLEASE) Harvey is going to start preschool as well! I just got the word today that they have a space for him. He still has a cough so I'll wait until he's completely well before starting him and I assume there's paperwork for me to fill out. I hope Jack responds well to having Harvey join him. I've been bringing it up and he hasn't been protesting the idea so I think he'll adjust. The preschool teachers are so wonderful and I know Harvey is going to love it. And I haven't even begun to explore what this will mean for me - except that I will finally get a chance to clean my floors!!!

A few book reviews have been posted within the blogosphere! Karen at Avoiding Milk Blog did a review and is now running a book giveaway. My dear friend and fellow blog mama Joanna reviewed the book on her blog Drew's Autism Recovery Diary. And another reader and heilkunstler, Janice, mentioned the book on her blog as well! Thank you ladies! More book info and updates to come!

ETA: When I picked Jack up from preschool he absolutely unleashed on me. He was screaming at me the very words I attempted to use to soothe him as I left that morning. He yelled "you will NOT come back, you will NOT pick me up, I don't want to go with you". I hauled him to the car, yowling all the way. I had to run to the post office and I hoped the car ride would offer him some cooling off time but he kept right on with the angry talk. So when we were getting close to home I pulled over and looked back at him with legitimate tears in my eyes and said "Jack, you're hurting my feelings". He immediately started waving his hands for me to stop - he hates when I cry. We got home, I put Harvey to sleep, and Jack and I snuggled, cuddled, tickled, and played for the rest of the afternoon. Today he had a GREAT day at preschool and I really think he's already starting to shift out of this withdrawal thing.

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