Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I have no valid excuses. I have time now. Time to get things done efficiently, time to myself, time FOR myself. I just had my first consultation with Rudi, our homeopath, and am looking forward to the balance and optimum health that the Heilkunst regime promises.

I've been "diagnosed" as a Phosphorus type. Here's a little run-down which is fairly accurate (height notwithstanding).

Appearance: Tall and slim with long limbs. Likes to be stylish. Artistic and creative in appearance. Fine skin. Can have fair to dark hair.

Mental and emotional aspects: Needs a lot of love and attention. Good fun to be around but can become demanding. Likes to be the centre of attention and like being cared for when upset or unwell. Expressive, affectionate and not afraid to show emotions. Needs reassurance regarding looks and image. Short attention span. Can be hard work for partner.

Physical weaknesses: Nervous system – especially fear and hypersensitivity. Circulation problems. Dizziness. Coughs and colds. Weakness of the lungs. Headaches. Left-side problems. Dietary factors: Likes sour and savoury foods, salt, spicy food, carbonated drinks, alcohol, mild cheeses and sweet foods. Dislikes strongly flavoured fish and fruit.

The Phosphorus child: Tall and slim with long legs and arms. Nervous. Likes to be with people and centre of attention. Loves to receive attention. Strong fear of the dark.

Heilkunst is more than just remedies, they are genuinely positive and encouraging. Rudi had a lot to say about gluten and why it affects so many. He is of the opinion that it's not the wheat itself, but more about the way it is grown and processed (well that makes sense) that has made people so intolerant of it. The old European process of bread making, for instance, ferments the wheat which makes it easier to digest and eliminates the problem most have with the grain. And the grain itself has been so mutilated with genetic modification, pesticides, and soil quality before it's speedily processed. Same goes for most of what our nation crams down it's face every day. The milk in your latte ain't from Bessie out back, doncha know.

Rudi said that Phosphorus mothers need a creative outlet of their own. Holla! I'll admit, I feel a little pressure to crank out better blog posts now that I won't always have babies hanging off my legs while I type. To be continued...


  1. I'm SO a Phosphorus too! Can't wait to read YOUR updates!

  2. Thanks Joanna!! That must be why we vibe so well. You should start too! :)

  3. Never have I read about a homepathic regimen and was so entertained. - you need to do some freelance writing.