Monday, January 31, 2011

Raging Bull$h!#??

Or something less worthy of mocking? You be the judge.

Ten days ago, I started the voodoo, aka - Heilkunst homeopathic remedies. My first specific trauma remedy was for the massive amount of insanity that parenting a child with special needs can add to your psychological well being anxiety. I truly did not put much expectation into how my body would react. I explained to my friend Brooke that I viewed it as a means of overall wellness, "like taking a vitamin". Pshhhh... A vitamin that feels like chrystal meth. But I digress...

SO, although Jack always seems to react to remedies between days nine and twelve, a reaction was not on my radar (or calendar, aka - my brain). When I woke up repeatedly with raging anxiety, I was perplexed. I hadn't had any caffeine (still off that crack), I wasn't nervous or stressed about the following day, hmmm... It wasn't until the morning that I figgered it out. AHA! And then I got (even more) excited. A reaction means it's working.

I'm coping well with the non-stop adrenaline rush. I'm fairly used to it since I've battled it off and on in the past, though it's been a while. I "use my evil for good" by playing with the kids more excitedly, baking cookies, and cleaning and stuff. Okay, and I think I'm freaking Justin out a little with my nonstopchatterandWILDarmmovements.

They keep the family less scared and uncomfortable.

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