Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Raves and Rants

SO excited! Jack's filing grievances over all the flash photography - get used
to it kid, you've got like 13 more first day of school pictures ahead of you.

Okay, I gotsta admit - having all this time to myself is SO WEIRD. Though I'm sure I will quickly adjust. My floors are clean! Which is making the base boards look really nasty. I dropped the boys off at preschool yesterday and they were both excited to go. Harvey couldn't have cared less that I was leaving (I'm not sad...not sad not sad not sad). When I arrived he said "Yay, mommy's here!" then ran to the boys he was playing with to say "mommy's here!!". Then he kept on playing. Jack really liked having Harvey there, no qualms whatsoever. He did tell me in the car on the way home "I couldn't care-uh Harvey cuz he's too heavy. Miss Megan will take care-uh Harvey". Someday I'll miss those little language puzzles.

Which brings me to Jack - he is doing GREAT! The gluten has left the building. I knew it would happen but the stress was playing tricks on my tired brain. And it had been a while since I had read up on the gluten/brain connection. For some, gluten can have a powerful affect on the body - showing itself in forms such as depression, anxiety, even schizophrenia. With all of those somewhere in our family tree - I'm not messing around with it again. That trial was enough evidence. I was finding myself in constant arguments with my logic. "His appetite does seem less" then came "UH, CUZ he's eating more you dingbat, relax!". "He has been angry a lot and getting physical with us which is out of character" then came "It's probably the miasm, it will calm down - he's learning to assert himself!". Oy vey. Delusion ain't just a river in Egypt.

So last week Jack had his first APE class with other children. He did awesome and the school is really nice which is important because he may go there next year for PEP (a pre-k of sorts). It's not the elementary school that he'll go to for kinder through fifth but it's the next closest elementary school to us. For APE he joins the developmental preschool kids so they are all right around Jack's age and size and I assume many of them have similar gross motor goals. And they seem like a really sweet group of kids! So, as I'm picking Jack up, they are piling out of the room with a few teachers/aids and this one teacher points to one of the kiddos and says to another teacher (right next to me): "THIS one can't to ANYTHING, I mean, don't even bother". WHAAAAT!?? I feel terrible for not saying something right then and there, I was in total disbelief. I mean, no teacher should ever say anything like that about any child, let alone a child with special needs. All children need us to have faith in their abilities - that kind of attitude is a ROAD BLOCK to that child's success. So now what do I do? Do I call and nark on her? Say something this week?? In the very least I'll be keeping personal tabs on Ms. Grumpy McBiz. So she'd better watch herself.

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  1. I can't believe that a "teacher" would say such a thing about a child. They clearly are in the wrong line of work. I would speak with the director about the situation when you have the opportunity.
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