Thursday, January 13, 2011

Smoothie is the new Coffee?

Haven't mentioned it for fear of failing (again) but I totally retired my crack pot coffee pot. It's been a few weeks so the headaches, fatigue, and cravings have settled. Hot chocolate and chai tea have occasionally kept me on the straight and narrow and I'll indulge now and then, a 12 step program this is not.

So this is my new pick-me-up! It's no Mango-a-go-go, in fact it's more of a roughy than a smoothie with that big wad o' kale in there. There's very little after taste and the orange juice hides the hemp wang. One thing's for sure, these puppies will have your bod remembering how to poop in no time.

Without a propper poop segway, I've decided to implement "FOOD FRIDAY"s - I'll post a recipe and photos of one dinner from the week. With the boys home on Fridays, this will give me a quick and easy blog post and give me a little motivation to create at least one new and delicious (hopefully) allergy friendly meal to share!


  1. I 'kicked' the coffee habit a few months ago, and it was quite hard but do-able (and so worth it)! This is from a die hard coffee fan, which started after pulling all nighters in college.

    Sending encouragement vibes your way!

  2. Thanks Jill !! Trying to seek energy from raw sources so that I'm less likely to cave to the bean!!