Thursday, January 27, 2011

Threads Thursday

Alternate title: In which I can shop in the name of "research".

Back in style? Batwing wear. Not a fan. No offense if you rock it, clearly you are not alone because they are "IN" and must be flying off the shelves.


What I am digging are the cute little boxy tops I'm seeing everywhere. So I picked up two!

Cute right?

Had to cut my shopping jaunt short cuz I had frozen goodies from Whole Paycheck sitting in the car. Best find of the day (threads included) were THESE:

Allergen free FRENCH TOAST STICKS!!!!

ETA: The boys like them. I, however, think they pretty much taste like canola oil. I can do better. Don't give up, Ian's!


  1. I love the blue shirt. you are so gorgeous!

  2. Love the shirt. We tried Ian's french toast, but we are not fans. I have yet to find a safe french toast that we like so we stick to pancakes.
    Allergy Mum -

  3. cute boxy top! and nice french toast score! sorry they weren't tastier.