Friday, January 28, 2011

Which came first?

Which came first? The chaotic or the neurotic?

Yesterday, Jack (and Harvey?) dumped every toy they own into a pile that spanned the entire living room. When I discovered it (I was off cleaning up some other disaster no doubt), I yelled asked "You guys dumped out ALL the toys??" to which Jack responded "I was looking for something". Being empathetic mother of the year, I grumbled something to the affect of Ihopeyoufreakingfoundit. It wouldn't be all that bad accept that I like to keep all their teeny tiny toys separated into little bins a la Target. Dragon bin, tool bin, musical instrument bin, etc. It's helpful to them, I swear.

Then, with an armload of things to put away, I noticed a few drops of Harvey's So Delicious chocolate coconut milk on the stairs. Hmph, guess it could be worse, I thought. Get to the top of the stairs and it's "AW, CRAP...IT IS WORSE"...

Whenever our family room starts to get a little out of hand (which is every couple of hours if we're home) I scoop everything up and sort it into little piles on the kitchen island and then deal with each pile. Laundry to the washer, toys to the living room, get the idea. It really is affective.

or it's just another flashing neon sign reading: "THIS CHICK'S NEUROTIC"

At any rate, I try really hard to get cleaning and organizing done while the boys are out or busy so that my need for order doesn't totally eff them up. If that is even possible. I mean, I was not brought up by an obsessive people. And who am I kidding? I'd be so damn proud if they actually started compulsively picking up and organizing. As it is, they compulsively trash the place so what's the risk really?


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  2. Thank you! If you'd like, you can view the post on our FB page here: and please feel free to download some money-saving coupons for your next purchase of So Delicious coconut milk here:

  3. Think...basket ball nets. :-) If there are marked bins (outside toys, inside toys, a bin in the laundry room) under basketball nets, and rewards for who gets the most in the right net, One of the rewards at our house of many children was this: My husband purchased a large box of reject parkay flooring. We sat for a couple of nights taking the backing off of each square until we had a large box or building blocks. IF everything was put away in through the nets, they could all build towers and roads and bridges throughout the townhouse, then bomb them with foam balls. Afterward each piece had to be put back into the box for another day's building and bombing. They didn't ever grow tired of this one...and I had a clean house. After bombing and cleanup we had gluten free ice cream cones with dairy free ice cream as a treat.

  4. Lovin' the basketball hoop idea. That. is. smart!