Thursday, February 17, 2011

My face, My fears

Prior to mamahood, I worked in skin care. An esthetician, if you're feeling fancy. Once I got knocked up I stopped putting all that toxic shtuff on my face. Sleep deprivation and screaming children eventually nudged me to use an eye cream and a few other things from this line which I love. BUT, no amount of pumpkin enzyme or apple pectin is going to wipe out sun damage, pregnancy pigmentation, and deez lines. Now that I'm done with the baby making and the breastfeeding (woot) I'm starting a hefty line called Obagi. It ain't organic.

So, if in the next few weeks, you see something like this stroll by:


It's probably me.

Not surprisingly, irrational fears have already run the gamut. What if my face touches Jack's? What if he sleeps on my pillow? Will he get retin a and hydroquinone poisoning? If I wash my hands really well after I apply it it'll be okay. Right?? Maybe this will give me the kick in the ass I need to walk Jack back to his bed in the middle of the night... ETC. It's a sickness.

My plan is to just wear the products during the day. Whatever eases the insanity, right? Right???

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