Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's Miasm Time

Jack is on his third miasm, tuberculosis. I try to give the remedies, and then when I start to see what I think may be symptoms, I look up the miasm to see if the symptoms correlate. This is my way of avoiding a horoscope affect, looking for what I've read. Day two of taking the remedy, Jack began tossing and turning in his sleep which is uncharacteristic. He has also had some funky poops (and you know that messes with my head). So, I looked it up:

Tuberculosis – the essence of this disease state is restlessness, the
desire to escape from the encroaching limits of the psoric state. There is no
sense of peace in the present, but a continual need to move, preferably to
higher ground (> mountains), but where they then feel the constriction in
their heart, forcing them to move to descend. They feel caught between
opposing forces and seem condemned to wander the earth without repose.
There is an increasing sense of lack of connection with life as manifested
in the lung symptoms. The paleness and weakness also speaks to the
increasing lack of vitality.

I "bolded" the aspects that I feel pertain to Jack. The restlessness is what we're seeing heightened right now (especially night 9, seems to be mellowing out now) but the others are just Jack in general! He has ALWAYS had a need to climb and descend (jump). Even at his first birthday party he spent the entire "opening presents time" standing on top of the biggest gift. And I just posted about his wandering (runner that he was). All very interesting. Even the lack of connection and weakness speak of Jack. He has a very light and gentle touch that can make some tasks more challenging.

You could say that verbiage like that can be "read into" but I think this miasm remedy was just especially needed/appropriate for Jack. Even from Morrison's Desktop Guide which is used in classical homeopathy, the Tuberculosis miasm is used to treat allergies and autism, among other things. All that said, he has been doing so GREAT! These boys have been growing obviously closer with one another which warms my soul and gives me a new found freedom! I'm having to orchestrate very little when it comes to activities - they are entertaining themselves. I walked in on them playing doctor (literally) yesterday and Jack has been doing a lot of the "I'm the blank and you're the blank and we're blanking because....." etc. Love. that.

As for me? I'm feeling pretty great. I'm feeling like aspects of my life that once seemed overwhelming are feeling manageable and, dare I say, enjoyable. Now that may just be because life has actually become a wee bit easier..........but I'm not counting out the possibility that my remedies are contributing.


  1. Hi Juniper: Interesting... Where did you find that quote? We are starting the miasms next month!

  2. Janice, I found the info here.

    Free download from the website. Heavy read but good info!

  3. It a wonderful feeling when all seems on track in the family. Thanks for posting the link, I'll have to take a look as well.
    Allergy Mum -