Saturday, February 19, 2011

Progress Report

A year ago, progress looked like this. Answering questions, spontaneous speech in any form, those were big milestones! You'll see that his biggest struggle with language is those PESKY prepositions. He interchanges them, so sometimes he gets it right but often times it's of in place of with, etc.

You'll notice he still needs work on using a "helper hand" when he tries to hang the hand towel up. This is one of those milestones that we're working on, it coincides with "crossing the midline". He tends to use one hand at a time, whichever hand is closest to the task. This skill is an important neurological exercise as well.

But HEY, this is conversation folks! And for the record, Harvey is fine.

Also on the progress front, the ability to futz around with his brother!!! (this is progress for the both of them!) They are entertaining themselves, to the point where I feel the need to go see exactly what they're up to. I've been regularly catching them in this play - a search for chocolate. What I didn't catch on spy cam was Jack playing fetch with Harvey.....and yes, he will totally fetch for faux chocolate. Oh, and we lay in those hammocks alllll the time. Not.

Theyz lookin' for you, bunny.


  1. His speech is awesome!!! Holy cow. He sounds great to me! And yeah, that midline thing is something we struggle with too. We try to do alot of exercises and I hear that martial arts type stuff is really good for that too.

  2. You know, I just started seriously looking into martial arts for him! You're probably the fourth person to mention it's benefits to me....the universe is getting louder. And thank you!!!! He has come SO far.