Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Psycho Helicopter Mom

It's true. I totally hover. And I'm a bit psycho right now. I don't even have much material for a post so I'm borrowing from this past weekend. Anxious sleep sucks hairy monkey balls. But this date day sure didn't!

Since Justin's so tall, he got to sit up front (with our hot blonde of a pilot)

Those little specks on the beach are our city's famous seals


Before you assume I'm some kind of badass, I assure you I am a total pansy. I expected to be forcing a smile while silently burping with nausea and white knuckling my way through the thing. But being in the air like that, with the quiet of the headset and our voices, viewing our city that way, was completely serene. And there was no pressure of a final rose at the end - I've already got that in the bag.

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