Monday, February 7, 2011

Stupid Bowl Sunday

So, we didn't take Jack to The Zoo yesterday, but we did venture out to the Wild Animal Park (or whatever the frick they're re-naming it, the sign still says WAP!) before the foosball festivities began.

Our FAV activity at the WAP is feeding the lorikeets. Pretty sure I've posted about it before. You buy these little cups of "nectar" and carry them into an aviary filled with cute, chatty, rainbow outfitted birdies. Well, yesterday we went early. And they were (apparently) HUNGRY. Fifteen seconds inside I was all "SON OF A B----" one of them bit the shiz out of my hand. I suppose you could say it was my fault since I was covering my nectar so as to reserve the fun for the boys. I quickly gave the starving little focker bird my goods. That's what you do when you're held up at gun point. Then a while later, one bit Justin. Thank goodness they're being nice to the boys, thinks I. Will I ever learn?

Best activity ever, so totally adorable!

Can't get enough, time of our lives!

Holy crap, they're eating the boys !!!

Seriously, get us OUT of here!
(Note the mass of flesh between that bird's beak)

Yes, their screams attracted some stares. Whatever. Jack rode the carousel and Harvey climbed things/laid on the ground/flirted with passerbyers, and we all left happy. We told Jack on the way home that we were having a superbowl party with our friends, that I was making treats, and did lots of oohing and aahing over how fun it would be. And it was! I watched about 4.7 seconds of the game and focused on the food. Kelly brought homemade chili and bean dip (insert fart noises here) and lots of other allergen friendly fare (they share our plight). We made my rice crispy treats and dipped them in melted enjoy life dairy free chocolate chips. The kids were great, very little parental intervention necessary. Though Justin told me afterward that Jack asked him several times when the party was starting. What?!? We blew up balloons. I'm starting to think the words party and bouncy house are a little too closely associated for that boy.

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