Tuesday, February 15, 2011


How you doin'?

Here's how we're doin' with supplements. From left to right:

Digest Right Digestive Enzymes - Jack gets one in watered down juice with each meal/snack.

Perma Clear by THORNE - Three per day, morning, afternoon, and night. These are gut healing supplements due to their amino acid and probiotic content. Plus, they include quercetin which is a natural antihistamine. I'm able to mix these in with his beverages too.

Vitamin D3 - I give each of the boys one of these in the morning.

Children's DHA (cod liver oil) by Nordic Naturals - Along with the vitamin D the boys each get four. They love them!

Kirkman Spectrum Complete Powder - A great, well rounded, multivitamin. I give Jack half a dose in the morning and half a dose in the early afternoon. Dissolves really well and tastes okay enough for Jack to drink. (yeah, by day's end - he's HYDRATED)

Kirkman Nu-thera EveryDay Companion Powder - This gives Jack the added calcium, magnesium, MolyB, etc that is lacking in his diet and isn't fully provided in his multi. I split this into three or four mini doses throughout the day. Calcium prefers to be absorbed in smaller but more frequent amounts.

Homeopathic Remedies - These are dosed to both boys in the morning and evening. One nearly tasteless drop in the mouth, easy.

I had slacked off on some of these around the holidays and then had a little "aha moment" where I realized (HELLOOO) that Jack is in no way getting enough calcium, that's when I got more rigid with the companion powder and I FOR SURE noticed that he was feeling better. Of course I'd prefer that he get his vitamins from food sources but his allergies make that impossible. Good quality supplements are another aspect of having allergies/intolerances. It has taken a lot of experimenting to strike a balance in this department - I think we finally made it!

What's your favorite supplement? And why??

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