Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What's in a name??

Jennifer Juniper lives upon the hill,
Jennifer Juniper, sitting very still.
Is she sleeping ? I don't think so.
Is she breathing ? Yes, very low.
Whatcha doing, Jennifer, my love?

Are you often asked "Is that your real name?" or better yet, "Is that your stripper name or something?".....No? Just me? It's okay, I've embraced it. Grade schoolers loved my name: "Juniper?? Like the planet?". You real life friends o' mine know the history (I think) but all blogospherians, this post's for you.

My dad and my mom were a coupla young hippie types when they discovered I was on the way. Seeing as they were raw foodies who hadn't conformed to society (at all) and planned on a natural birth, they traveled from Southern Cali to Summertown, TN. Their destination? The Farm (do explore their site -it's totally far out). They made their trek in a VW bus, with their cat. VW's are cool.....and cold, I've been told the cat's water froze along the way. Once at the farm they settled in, contributed, and prolly smoked their weight in weed while they waited for my birth.

This just oozes my youth...

Gerrie-Sue was the midwife who delivered me, hence my middle name. Photographs are my evidence of a time I can't recall. Tiny baldling being spoon fed carrot juice, wearing hand washed and line dried purple tie-dyed cloth diapers, baby back-packing through the woods. And lots of nekkid, which, if you've spent much time around here, you'd agree must be genetic. Soon after that, my dad became a single parent. Most of my memories kick in around then - adopting a stray kitty, a hiking trail smothered in ladybugs, Dr. Bronner's, Mr. Rogers, carob, granola, and Bungalow Bill in our big green V-dub.

That's a pretty special guy right there.

Later, that big green bus acquired an "I Jesus" sticker and my dad met and married his dream lady when I was almost eight (cue Brady Bunch theme music). I got two insta-siblings out of that deal and they had my two little brothers not long after. That's how we went from a twosome to a big weird happy in our own right kind of family.

So where did the name Juniper come from? I haven't exactly gotten a clear answer. Classic right?!


  1. Wow...you've got quite a story! You oughta have a blog or something. What a cutie patootie...and you weren't bad either!

  2. Wow...very interesting story. And, I'm sorry but is that Harvey in that picture???

  3. How cool you were born on The Farm! I read Ina May's book when I was pregnant and learned a lot. Things would have been different for our little man if he could have been born there :)


  4. In hindsight I wish I'd birthed there too! But I was all "I'm gonna want some drugs around....my mom was CRAZY". And she was. But not for birthing naturally!

    Lynn - I'm gonna go ahead and assume that's Donovan you're talkin' bout. ;)

    Joanna - Yep, we're twinsies alright. Unless you ask Justin's grandma. Then "He looks JUST like JUSTIN!"

  5. This sure brought back some memories, and a tear or two in my eye, seeing those pictures. You have a talent for writing, this is great.

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