Thursday, March 10, 2011


I've been on a cold quinoa salad kick. High in protein and omegas, and the red quinoa is a great source of calcium. Also, it tastes REALLY GOOD. I cook mine in stock to add extra flavor, homemade (or a healing bone broth) is best obv. but I used a free range organic chicken broth from Trader J's this time.

While the quinoa cools you'll wanna chop your veggies, this is also a good time to throw fresh spinach into the quinoa if you'd like. I just used what I had on hand; tomatoes, cucumber, olives, artichoke hearts. Then I mixed the juice from a lemon, olive oil, and balsamic vin and added that into the quinoa.

If your house is anything like mine, this is about the time
you'll catch a naked kid stealing your tomatoes.

Mix everything together and let it fully cool in the fridge (or not, it's certainly edible), top with an extra squeeze of lemon, some fresh herbs, avocado, whatever you've got. Yerm!


  1. that naked tomato stealing pic is awesome! we love quinoa - actually found out about it b/c david lynch mentioned it in an extra on one of his dvds. btw - i can fix the header issue if you want- or you can, I can talk you through (I see it's hanging over the right side a bit).

  2. Love the header!!! I see Sherri has worked her magic again...she is the best!

    My husband is big on quinoa but he just makes it plain...I'm always nagging him to jazz it up. Yours looks awesome!

  3. OMG the naked kid stealing tomatoes is SOOOO CUUUTTEEEEEEEEE

  4. Can I come over and meet your kid he can run around my house naked any time