Friday, March 25, 2011

Magic Cirles

Having allergies means I have to be super duper careful, like a mystery detective.

So, I don't push my book in your direction all that much. That would be annoying. But, I do keep that little thingy on my side bar. You or someone you know may be in need of a social story type children's book for a child with food allergies (or dietary limitations, like GFCF) and if not, no pressure. It's not like Amazon tells me WHO ordered the book (or DON'T they?? HA).

Anysnooze, my friend and fellow bloggity-mom Joanna of Drew's Autism Recovery Diary, e-mailed me today with this:

OMG GET THIS...I picked up Drew from school and his teacher told me that on Fridays they have an assistant teacher. So, at snack time, she went around and put cheeze-its in front of everyone (including Drew because she didn't know not to). Then, Drew said, "NO NO NO, I can't have these, they will make my tummy hurt!." And, waited for the snack that I had actually sent in. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!

I asked him about it on the way home and he said, "I can't eat cheeze-its because they will make my tummy hurt and I'll have to go to the hospital and I can't go to the park." That's from your book! So, THANK YOU! A job well done. Feel free to put some sort of testimonial like that on your page.

The look on my face, while reading that, would have you convinced that rainbows and unicorns were jumping from my screen. But no, it was better than that. A three year old boy advocated for himself. Some things come full circle, I got a taste of that magic today.

Hey, Drew, cheez-its suck anyway. I'm sure whatever your mommy packed for you, was WAY BETTER. Great detective work, little buddy. Jack (and his mama) are SUPER DUPER proud of you!


  1. That is awesome! How great to know that your book is making a real difference in people's lives!

  2. Thanks, Lynn! Maybe I'll call in for a little self promotion on Autism WTF. You don't screen those calls for spammers yet, do you?????