Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Playing Doctor with Jack

I've been attempting to prepare the boys for my surgery next week. Today they came home from preschool with first aid kits, they were learning to take care of their friends. Jack immediately had me lay down so he could get to work on my foot. And scold me.

Sorry about Harvey's lip-smacking.

Also playing doctor with Jack? A cutie-preschool-patootie. I was told today that when the kiddos were called in at playtime, Jack and (we'll call her) A were missing. They opened the doors to the castle playhouse and there were Jack and A...........A's hands were cupping Jack's face and she was layin' a big ole kiss on him. Guess now we know where Jack's been learning those moves. I asked Jack about the kiss and he says: "I don't like the big ones, only the small ones". Yeah, let's keep it that way, shall we!?


  1. That boy may be allergic to food, but he's ADDICTED to loooooove... :-)

  2. Hee hee! As I said to mother of cutie-preschool-patootie, so long as she hasn't been horkin' down peanut butter sandwiches, the face suckin' is fine by me. ;)