Monday, March 21, 2011

Stayed HOME

First of all, THAT SUCKED. Surgery? I don't recommend it. Especially on the foot. And especially during the week of that damned freaky SUPER MOON. I mean, ouch. Stubbing a toe is nearly unbearable, that first night of recovery was a full fledged taste of hell. Next Sunday, I'm going to church.

I had constant waves of nausea and no appetite (sad!) even though I kicked the vicodin the morning after. I hate pain meds. Enough bitching, I finally have my sea legs back. And I have never been so happy to load a dishwasher.

I have an overwhelming craving for roasted beets topped with a good blue cheese. Expect photos of that as soon as I make it out to a market. My parents came over yesterday and brought food to cook dinner and entertained their grandchildren. Man, those kids love their grandparents. Made my heart (and stummy) very happy. I just remembered the leftovers in the fridge - woot.

So, I don't have much else to say other than HI, I'm alive! My kids survived (enjoyed even) several full days of preschool and daddy day care. AND, my husband is happier than anyone that I'm back on my feet. Oh, and it's raining BUCKETS right now, which really makes it that much easier to lay in my warm bed with my computer until preschool pick up time. Stay safe and dry out there t'day, San Diegans!

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