Thursday, March 24, 2011

A tea I can stain my teeth with.

If you've been paying attention around here, you know that I quit my roasted bean habit around the holidays. You'll also remember that I took it like Hasselhoff (wow, I spelled that correctly on the first try), only it wasn't my addiction that had me eating cheeseburgers off the floor, it was a helluva flu bug. And cheeseburgers were not on the menu, all I could stomach was hot chocolate and hot and sour soup. I had a bumpy tongue sickness in kindergarten which limited my intake to orange (and orange only) jello for a full week. My dad and I lived with my grandma at the time, he never would have prepared dyed "food" for me, day after day. I wouldn't do it either, Dad. Sickness is a real food buzz kill.

I'm still, at the tail end of march, ON the wagon. Impressed? So. am. I. It's a treat to have a cup now and then, like once a month. And a relief to be freed of the dependency. Instead of scowling toward the kitchen and perching in the corner with my mug like a rabid squirrel with a nut, I can casually move through my morning. I'm not sure that it's realistic for the long haul, but it's what's working for me right now. I'm less (I said less, Justin, if you still read this blog HAHA) irritable. And that's a very good thing.

And yeah, so I've never been a tea person. I have tried, man I have TRIED. But, it just tastes TOO earthy and (insert annoying bitter lip smacking sounds) for me. But, listen to this, it's just evidence that you should never give up on a food/beverage after 30 years of trying to like it. Chamomile tea with a couple tablespoons (YES, THAT MUCH) of good honey is SO good. It's mild sweetness is perfect for my palate. The caffeine (and multitude of other chemicals) may be out of my blood, but my need for a warm mug to cuddle, is for life. It's a really good thing I'm so persistent.

So maybe I like tea, now! Sort of puts me in the mood for a tea party. Takers? I'll make cake. Am I getting boring? I really need my foot to heal up so I can get to work on my garden - I HATE being late.

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