Sunday, April 24, 2011


Summer of 2009, Jack decided (vehemently) that he was afraid of movie theaters. "It's TOO DARK and it's TOO LOUD". And really, it is. I couldn't blame him. And since going to the movies isn't a necessary life skill or anything, we just sort of shelved that idea. Justin took Harvey to see Toy Story 3 last summer, Jack insisted "you go, I'll stay at home". We told him he could bring a flashlight and cover his ears if it got too loud, "no, you go, I'll stay at home".

Easter has obviously been the conversation topic of choice these last couple of weeks. Having seen a preview for the movie "Hop" I mentioned that the Easter Bunny poops jelly beans. The boys lost. it. Jack went around telling everyone who would listen about the Easter Bunny's digestive functions. I decided, on Friday, to show Jack the preview for "Hop" on youtube. I love youtube. He was fixated captivated.

Candy everywhere, btw.

Jack's become far more reasonable since '09 (der) so I tried bargaining with him. "If we see the movie, in the movie theater, you can bring a flashlight and we'll pack snacks, blahblahblah" He was sort of buying it. I told him it'd been a long time since he tried going and maybe if he tried it, like Green Eggs and Ham, he would find out that he likes it. OMGhetotallyboughtit.

He did whine a bit upon entering, and covered his ears. He adjusted really quickly and before I knew it he was laughing at the slapstick (his favorite) and dorking around in his folding theater seat. Awesome. Harvey gagged on a lolli pop and puked in my hand, played musical chairs, and got bored about an hour in so I took him out to pretend play video games. Soon after that, the nemesis chick grew freaky Easter Bunny fangs and Jack yelled "I gotta get out of here!" The pitter patter of his feet was followed by audience laughter (sorry peeps) and he is already excited about Cars 2 this summer, so he wasn't traumatized. Goodbye cinemaphobia, hello nice break for mama when the heatwaves hit!

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  1. Wow...he did really well. I mean, no one likes bunny fangs. Movies are always a challenge...but it sounds like he is making progress and will learn to love them...for the treats if nothing else. That's really all Audrey is in it for...sno-caps.