Friday, April 1, 2011

Lamb with Baby Bok Choy

Over rice. I strongly considered quinoa, but it had been a while since I served the boys some white rice (which they love). I chose organic basmati. Sear seasoned lamb tips and then stir fry baby bok choy and minced garlic in the lamb's leftover juices. For a boost in flavor, cook rice in a rich broth. The smell will have lurking fingers (big and small) grabbing at your photo op.

The lamb was aromatic and greatly pleased the husband. I, however, most enjoyed the baby bok choy. Which, to the lamb's credit, wouldn't have been as flavorful without those gamy juices as their seasoning. The boys mostly ate rice. A little something for everyone in this meal, Jack Sprat family that we are.

And now, I'll irritate you with a taste of our dinner table behavior. I suppose it qualifies as cute, in small doses.

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