Thursday, April 21, 2011

Weekend Update

Life has been getting in the way of this here blog. On Saturday I was on the phone with my dad when he mentioned visiting the next day:

Me: Jack, you want Grandpa and Grandma to come visit tomorrow?
Jack: Yeah, and tell him to bring his tiny white beard.
Grandpa: I did just trim it.

I went to a girlie brunch and Justin took the boys to In N Out. And, as always, Jack begged to eat inside. Dad agreed and boy is Jack HAPPY.

My kids are cute.

The rest of my blog neglect can be summed up by these two facts: 1) gardening and 2) one helluva homeopathic healing reaction. Here's Rudi during our last phone consult:

Rudi: You may feel as if you've been poisoned after the next remedy.
Me: uh huh yeah okay well then mmm hmm.

Enter day 12 after taking my remedy (for antibiotics) and I wake in the night positive I have food poisoning. I'm dizzy, sick, and experiencing all unmentionable symptoms of said condition. Oh, who am I kidding, like I never mention pewping on here? Okay so then I'm having flashbacks of a nasty bout of salmonella I had years ago and the 105 fever and horse pill, wipe out all the beneficial bacteria in your gut, antibiotics I ended up having to take. So I reach for the antibiotics that I never took after my surgery (prophylactic antibiotics? are you serious?) and google whether or not they're appropriate for food borne bacterial issues. Yes, they are. Then my hippie tendencies kick in and I opt for probiotics, lots of fluids, and rest.

It hits me later. I'm in the healing reaction period. I took a remedy for antibiotics, which had each time given Jack diarrhea. Whoa, dudes, I even reached for antibiotics to cure my like meets like reaction. Coincidence or voodoo or a figment of my imagination? Doesn't really matter but I'm all better, though emotional, and am that much more of a believer in this whole homeopathic journey. Maybe someday I'll get the hang of it all.

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  1. You are hilarious! Yeah -- homeopathy is just plain weird, isn't it. But somehow, it does work. I hate the healing reactions though. My son is currently going through a doozy of a healing reaction from dental work and anasthetic and we are supposed to be moving in two days. Remind me never again to schedule major dental work for my son two weeks before we plan to move.