Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We're surviving Spring Break.

Yesterday I posted popsicles. Today, the clouds are spitting on us. No big deal, though. My aunt Jodie paid us a visit, an event the boys (and I) rank with Christmas (they) and bedtime (I). Early in the day I threatened "if you don't stop fighting, Jodie won't come over"........and they stopped. Being that my birthday is this Friday, she came bearing gifts. She knows and spoils me well. LOOKIE:

A fancy new bag (in background), truffles, tea, nag champa, vanilla
grapefruit soap, a sandlewood candle, and chocolate wine.

That's right, I said CHOCOLATE WINE.

We played outside, dodging raindrops on scooters, watched Tangled, and made Sunflower Cookies for the second day in a row. Yesterday's batch was snarfed up by us and our playdate playmates. Today, Jack went a little heavy on the hemp milk and I'll be.....he improved perfection. They were the slightest bit chewier.


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