Friday, May 6, 2011

Mouths of my BABE?

Jack: (repeatedly throughout the day) Badges? We don't need no STINKY BADGES.

Justin: I have to leave for work. But you get to go to preschool!
Jack: You can grow down and get small again so you can go to preschool, too.

(in the car, driving to a friend's house to swim)
Jack: This is a very long way! I think there is a man under the road stretching it out longer and longer.
Me: ???

Jack: (marching around the kitchen) Justin! Justin! Justin!
Me: That's daddy's name. Do you remember mama's name?
Jack: Babe?

"that you doo-oo-oo"

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  1. :-DD (made me have a huge smile!) so glad that he sang it to you! ADORABLE!!!