Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mudder's Day

The boys' preschool invited us mothers in for a lovely Mother's Day lunch today. We weren't just fed and pampered, we were serenaded and showered with gifts. I would post video of their singing but I don't think it wise to go throwing youtubes of others' children up on the internets. These photos will have to do.

Try not to get blinded by my legs. Yes, I really *do* live in California

Delivering gifts, gorgeous photos by the talented Megan Gotch

I know!

It's good to be a mama. I've learned a lot about myself. My capacity to love grew. Twice. Other things grew, too. My tolerance (not just for the annoying things kids do, like TOUCHING EVERYTHING THEY SEE, but for mankind in general), my sleep deprivation threshold, my marriage, my grocery bill list, my gag reflex, my butt.

I won't have these boys forever. They're going to get bigger, bigger than me. They're going to grow beards, discover themselves, and leave our nest (GOD WILLING). So I'd better soak up every exhausting frustrating stinky adorable precious life altering moment of it. The bumps in the road add character and alter the view. And I think I'm getting less nervous.

Happy Mother's Day, Mamas!! - Enjoy the ride.


  1. Awww this was totally sweet! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day and thanks for the shout out!:) I LOOVE that pic of the two of them!!

  2. ps u have THE cutest smile!!

  3. Awww, takes one to know one! :D

    Thanks for the very special photos. xxoo