Monday, May 16, 2011

The power of homeopathy/intention/suggestion.

Things have calmed down here. But, let me take you back to last week. Actually, let me first take you back several weeks, to the time when Jack created this gem:

Note: "everyone" is facing the same direction.

It started innocently enough. Jack carefully arranging some toys, not letting Harvey touch them. I asked about it:

Me: Jack, what are you doing with all those toys?
Jack: My dragons are having a party.
Me: Oh, are they going to watch a movie or something?
Jack: No. They're going to watch the fire.
Me: That makes sense. Dragons probably really like fire.

But then we weren't allowed to touch them. I really let it slide for quite some time, telling Harvey to pick something else to play with. But then if we cleaned them up Jack would get all bent and rearrange them just the way he had them before. And it started to creep into other areas of the living room. A bookshelf. The couch. Pretty soon, we were barely allowed in there. I started to feel like the obsessive nature of the activity was oozing into other areas of his day. And his reactions were becoming unreasonable and painful for him.

I had had enough. I contacted Rudi.

Rudi sent me a paper remedy first thing the next morning. I stuck it in his back pocket. Late in the afternoon I grabbed a big toy bin and started singing our clean up song. Harvey started tossing all the toys into the bin. Jack raised his eyebrows. Then he started helping. I was laughing hysterically (on the inside). WHAT? Seriously? Random letters and numbers on a piece of paper in his pocket was all it took? You don't even want to know the various strategies we'd attempted. And yes, I had previously tried the clean up song. I threw them in the bath and crossed my fingers that he wouldn't rebuild his shrine the following day. He didn't!

BUT, a few days later he had an episode leaving preschool. He was completely fixated on an activity and didn't want to go. He had a MELT DOWN. The whole way home (after I crammed him into his car seat) he bitched and moaned about having to leave and needing to cut the paper. Don't ask. When we got home he wouldn't get out of the car and then started threatening to walk back to preschool. You better bet I kept a close eye on his determined hiney. More drama ensued that afternoon.

I harassed Rudi again and he sent me another paper remedy which went into Jack's pocket. He had a great day of preschool and did the same paper cutting activity (modified by his fab teachers) without issue. Yay! I kept the remedy in his pillow case that night. Insurance.

All has been pretty smooth since. He woke up Friday morning with a huge pubescent zit on his cheek (detox?) and was pretty phlegmy all weekend. Allergies? Weather? WHO KNOWS! At any rate, I *think* the storm has settled. Just in time to administer the next miasm. Hmph.

On a comical note, last night Jack explained to me how Harvey was born. I tried to coach him into re-telling it for the camera, which turned out semi-successful. Also funny? You can see Harvey's massive collection of bedtime woobies: paci, blankie, manitee, and boob.

"Let's go join it!"

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  1. So glad to hear that the paper remedies worked. Pretty amazing, I think!!! :-)