Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Need to check myself...

...before I wreck myself.

The blog is not all that has suffered my neglect. My dad shared a saying that they keep around, "it's me or the house". HA! Yes. Keeping this house show perfect has taken so much time and energy. I bring you evidence:

Exhibit A - Boys. 2pm. Playing computer games, in their jams.

Exhibit B - Floor of my car. Toxic wasteland on wheels.

Exhibit C - Me, lookin' a mess. Too much tv tv tv.

With the selling of the house (and my sanity) off our plate, we're reclaiming our priorities. I've been eating terribly and not even for convenience sake (as I'd been convincing myself). It's about choices. Making good choices throughout the day to ensure I'm hydrated and nourished. Coffee and sugar give me faux energy for sure, but I'm paying the price. I feel OLD, tired, sick, and fraudulent. Cleaned up my act yesterday and I'm inspired to phase out the self abuse, get back my good vibes. GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD VIBRATIONS.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happiest KID on the Block

Alternate title: We sold the house and I don't have to clean it have time to blog!

Jack went through a real down-swing around the time he was working through his most recent miasm. I cried a lot. He was so dysregulated. By that, I mean he was unable to focus, unable to find joy in things, unable to connect with us. He was obsessive, unreasonable, anxious, and unhappy.

A week and a half ago he got sick, he took a nap, he woke from that nap and he was ON. He has been happy, connected, funny, reasonable, and finding JOY in everything.

My hope and my prayer is that this is a homeopathic cycle we've been witness to, NOT a cycle within him. I've seen bipolar disorder first hand and, while I know that it is often manageable, it would break my heart to see my baby in that anguish.

So, as we enjoy our happy Jack, laugh with him, and learn from him - we also pray for him. And we would appreciate your prayers as well. We're taking a short break from homeopathy, Canada mail is in revolt, we're moving, and I'd like to see if Jack "cycles" without it.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Top ten reasons I'm not blogging:

10) I've had very little alone time and sleep has been pretty MESSEDUP around here.

9) Jack finished preschool and is enrolled in elementary school, he'll be in PEP (primary extended program) for one year and then go on to kindergarten. So, he's officially a Pepper. He's going to do great and this is going to be the perfect stepping stone for him (that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

8) We're MOVING! To a home that I believe we can lay down roots and not grow old in.

7) We're selling our home which means keeping it spotless and smelling like roses (you know, instead of hot dogs and farts) ALL THE TIME.

6) My grandma was in town which was LOVELY. She took the train back to Idaho this morning. Saturday morning, Jack asked "are you going to stay forever?" in a very hopeful tone. *Sniff!* He also said to her the night before: (peering into her mouth in awe) "I think I'd like to have gold teeth like a pirate!".

5) I've been pretty bummed about allergies in general. Jack's RAST (blood test measuring IgE levels) came back and the results were all higher so they did NOT confirm his fantastic skin test results. In fact, his peanut went from 3.86 (class III) to 50 (class AS HIGH AS IT GOES). Please, for the love of unicorns, someone remind me to never get my hopes up in regard to test results EVER again. The thing we have to focus on is not having allergic reactions. And THAT I am mighty grateful for.

4) I'm getting in touch with my spiritual self. It's been a long while for me, but I believe I am clearing (mentally, physically, homeopathically, and spiritually) space in my life for GOD.

3) We've been getting out A LOT. Both soaking up our last month with this big back yard and enjoying our community. My kids, like burps, are happier out than in - and sometimes, SO AM I! Take that anxiety.

2) I haven't really been cooking. Although I did make a platter of allergen free cupcakes from mixes. They contained a smidge of soy/corn so they were a treat. Jack was mesmerized by their appearance, "this cake is SO VERY WHITE".......but he didn't want to eat one. They were for my dad anyways - Happy Birthday DADDY"

1) My brain is especially all over the place right now (as you can see) and I just love and appreciate my blog followers too much to annoy you like that. I'll pick up steam again soon. Hopefully the new kitchen will, figuratively, light a fire under this butt!