Monday, June 20, 2011

Happiest KID on the Block

Alternate title: We sold the house and I don't have to clean it have time to blog!

Jack went through a real down-swing around the time he was working through his most recent miasm. I cried a lot. He was so dysregulated. By that, I mean he was unable to focus, unable to find joy in things, unable to connect with us. He was obsessive, unreasonable, anxious, and unhappy.

A week and a half ago he got sick, he took a nap, he woke from that nap and he was ON. He has been happy, connected, funny, reasonable, and finding JOY in everything.

My hope and my prayer is that this is a homeopathic cycle we've been witness to, NOT a cycle within him. I've seen bipolar disorder first hand and, while I know that it is often manageable, it would break my heart to see my baby in that anguish.

So, as we enjoy our happy Jack, laugh with him, and learn from him - we also pray for him. And we would appreciate your prayers as well. We're taking a short break from homeopathy, Canada mail is in revolt, we're moving, and I'd like to see if Jack "cycles" without it.



  1. Will keep Jack in my prayers, he is such a sweet and loving boy!

  2. Jack is in my prayers. I'm praying (believing) that it was a healing reaction from the homeopathic remedies.

    Congrats on selling your home and good luck with the move!!!

  3. Thanks Megan!!

    Janice, yes believing is so hard to do when you're witnessing the intense behavior but miasms ARE intense and they are supposed to be getting at these genetics that we all have. And any heirs o' mine will have the genetic predisposition for bipolar disorder. So, it's my hope that the healing reactions are reflective of that for a reason. Does that make sense?? Makes me dizzy! :)

  4. Hey Juniper,

    Jack is a resilient little boy...he's able to get through anything...history tells you this X...and I have faith that it was a healing reaction...just part of the process his body, mind and soul need to go through to feel better in the long term. I will be sending a special prayer to God this evening that Jack be the happy and healthy boy that he's destined to be...

    Love ya, Aliki XO