Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Need to check myself...

...before I wreck myself.

The blog is not all that has suffered my neglect. My dad shared a saying that they keep around, "it's me or the house". HA! Yes. Keeping this house show perfect has taken so much time and energy. I bring you evidence:

Exhibit A - Boys. 2pm. Playing computer games, in their jams.

Exhibit B - Floor of my car. Toxic wasteland on wheels.

Exhibit C - Me, lookin' a mess. Too much tv tv tv.

With the selling of the house (and my sanity) off our plate, we're reclaiming our priorities. I've been eating terribly and not even for convenience sake (as I'd been convincing myself). It's about choices. Making good choices throughout the day to ensure I'm hydrated and nourished. Coffee and sugar give me faux energy for sure, but I'm paying the price. I feel OLD, tired, sick, and fraudulent. Cleaned up my act yesterday and I'm inspired to phase out the self abuse, get back my good vibes. GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD VIBRATIONS.


  1. Oh Juniper!!

    I know exactly what you mean! I love the phrase you used..."I need to check myself...before I wreck myself". Since ceasing breast feeding, I have allowed myself a period of four weeks where I can just indulge in anything I wish. I have made myself feel better by referring to it as 'intuitive living'. Intuitive living for me has involved coffee, toast, Nando's, red wine and anything else that has taken my fancy. I don't feel like dairy products, but everything else has been up for grabs! So...soon...I too will have to "check myself...before I WRECK myself".

    Good, good, good vibrations honey!

    PS. I love Exhibit C ;-)

  2. Oh I TOTALLY did that, too. You deserve it! Enjoy!!

  3. Dear Mrs Skinner- I am in need of more recipes... The Mr. is making me broaden Master Drew's food variety. I'm turning to your blog for easy, healthy, allergen free meals. We are going to be trying the salmon and the lamb very soon.
    Thank you for your time,
    Mrs Has No More Brain.