Monday, June 13, 2011

Top ten reasons I'm not blogging:

10) I've had very little alone time and sleep has been pretty MESSEDUP around here.

9) Jack finished preschool and is enrolled in elementary school, he'll be in PEP (primary extended program) for one year and then go on to kindergarten. So, he's officially a Pepper. He's going to do great and this is going to be the perfect stepping stone for him (that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

8) We're MOVING! To a home that I believe we can lay down roots and not grow old in.

7) We're selling our home which means keeping it spotless and smelling like roses (you know, instead of hot dogs and farts) ALL THE TIME.

6) My grandma was in town which was LOVELY. She took the train back to Idaho this morning. Saturday morning, Jack asked "are you going to stay forever?" in a very hopeful tone. *Sniff!* He also said to her the night before: (peering into her mouth in awe) "I think I'd like to have gold teeth like a pirate!".

5) I've been pretty bummed about allergies in general. Jack's RAST (blood test measuring IgE levels) came back and the results were all higher so they did NOT confirm his fantastic skin test results. In fact, his peanut went from 3.86 (class III) to 50 (class AS HIGH AS IT GOES). Please, for the love of unicorns, someone remind me to never get my hopes up in regard to test results EVER again. The thing we have to focus on is not having allergic reactions. And THAT I am mighty grateful for.

4) I'm getting in touch with my spiritual self. It's been a long while for me, but I believe I am clearing (mentally, physically, homeopathically, and spiritually) space in my life for GOD.

3) We've been getting out A LOT. Both soaking up our last month with this big back yard and enjoying our community. My kids, like burps, are happier out than in - and sometimes, SO AM I! Take that anxiety.

2) I haven't really been cooking. Although I did make a platter of allergen free cupcakes from mixes. They contained a smidge of soy/corn so they were a treat. Jack was mesmerized by their appearance, "this cake is SO VERY WHITE".......but he didn't want to eat one. They were for my dad anyways - Happy Birthday DADDY"

1) My brain is especially all over the place right now (as you can see) and I just love and appreciate my blog followers too much to annoy you like that. I'll pick up steam again soon. Hopefully the new kitchen will, figuratively, light a fire under this butt!


  1. Hi Juniper: Good luck with selling your home and your move and everything!! Sorry to hear about Jack's latest RAST test... I can relate to a lot of the things that you wrote about (like getting in touch with God and wanting to spend time outside, etc). I've been missing your posts, so it's nice to know what's going on over there. In any case, wishing you the best with everything!!

  2. Hey J! Great to hear from you!

    Mmm...test results...they can be really mind boggling (not to mention soul boggling)...Nic had comprehensive skin prick testing yesterday, and now it turns out that he seems to be allergic to pretty much every nut! So we now have Epipens (which I'm quite content about given that I like to be prepared, and in fact asked for them the last time at his routine allergy clinic appointment)! On a a more optimistic note, I'm really very thankful to you for introducing heilkunst to us X We started a fortnight ago and I genuinely believe things have already started moving - improved sleep, better eating...although there is another variable to throw into the mix - I've stopped breastfeeding! was the right time and Nic has been extraordinarily mature about it. Arrrhhhhh...I love reading your blog...OALIKI PS. Good luck with selling your current home...and enjoy moving into a new space with your family.

  3. Thanks, Janice! Aliki - I'm so glad you're seeing positive results (no matter the source!!). I remember feeling a lot more "control" once I stopped breastfeeding Jack. It's a tough transition emotionally so I'm so glad he's being kind to you. :) Can't wait to read about what you're feeding him - blog it, girl! XXOO

  4. Oh and Jack gets positive results (skin prick) to all tree nuts but it's a very small wheel so the allergist is willing to do an in office food challenge if we'd like. The problem with nuts is cross contamination with peanuts. So we just avoid em all for now. Seeds it is - Jack loves a little bowl of raw sunflower seeds, bless him. :)