Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cheesy Reviews


I feel REALLY BAD saying anything negative about non dairy cheese makers. I mean, it's painfully obvious that they're trying and let's face it, it ain't easy to make a single ingredient product WITHOUT SAID SINGLE INGREDIENT. Nevertheless, I paid out the nose for these products and I intend to tell you what they taste (and smell) like.

Rice VEGAN: I'm not sure what possessed me to reach for the American Flavor (subconscious flood of Kraft brainwashing at play?) but I wish I hadn't. The flavor (if you can call it that) didn't convince me to try any of their other varieties. Rice Vegan tastes like salted cold rice pasta. The chalky consistency didn't help. Jack didn't seem to mind the few bites I gave him, but he didn't ask for more.

VEGAN GOURMET: Next I went for ole mozzarella cuz it just screams kid food. I opened the package with associations of string cheese, pizza.......huh? Uhhh.....this feels like tofu. I can best describe the taste as one of, margarine. I felt like I was eating margarine flavored tofu. The consistency was certainly cheesier than the Rice Vegan but Vegan Gour-meh still wasn't chees-ish in the slightest. Sadface.

daiya: You can believe I was pretty cheesed deflated at this point. As the air released from the bag of shredded daiya, it's stink hit my face and I was immediately pleased with myself. CHEESE! While on the salty side, these little stringy strands taste buttery in a good way and melted beautifully. ATTN: dairy allergic (oh and it's SOY free, too) and lactose intolerant - this stuff is worth the scratch.


  1. Oh -- good to know. We haven't gone down this road yet for similar reasons, but maybe we're close!!! I sure hope that daiya is at our grocery store!!!!!!!

  2. Daiya is our favorite, too, although I have to say that the Vegan Gourmet stuff melts pretty well in high heat (like for pizzas).

    The one thing that gets me is that the nearest Whole Foods shelves containers of Daiya right next to their other freshly grated cheeses. This troubles me, irks me, ticks me off to no end because I have to cart my two milk-allergic kids through the cheese-reeking section whereas several months back, I could find the stuff in the dairy-alternatives section. I talked to a WF person about the head-scratching placement of the cheese substitute but they were unapologetic and unsympathetic. My severely allergic son hasn't had a reaction yet but I see a look of panic on his face when we enter that area. (Seriously, STRONG smell.)