Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More cheese please...


I think I should rewind a bit, see, because it's probably confusing as to why I'd be trying these faux cheeses this late into our life with food allergies. Well, they all contain some of Jack's smaller allergens (soy, corn, pea, nuts), so it's been a long while since I've dipped my toe into the ocean of cheese alternatives. I did try a few while nursing Jack, but they were awful and I took to topping everything with avocado instead. As of our latest prick test, we were given the go ahead to include a little soy, corn, grape, and pea into Jack's diet. He has been eating soy once per week and tolerating it great. I'm unwilling to push it and give it more often. The fact that daiya contains pea (trial passed thus far!) but no soy is convenient to say the least. You rotation dieters know what I'm trying to articulate.

I wanted to keep Jack's first cheese meal simple, cuz he's a simple fella. This isn't a recipe so much as it is a success story and simple meal idea. Oh, and evidence that this magic blend of gluten free grains and oils actually melts like cheese.

Cheesy Shells with Ham for the Picky Eater

2 cups Brown Rice Pasta Shells (I used Tinkyada)
2 tblspns Organic Olive Oil
1/2 cup Shredded Daiya Mozzerella
6 slices chopped Organic Ham

Cook pasta shells until good and tender. Drain and add olive oil to pan coating the pasta shells in the oil. Leave pan on turned off burner, so that it still receives some heat, and throw the daiya onto the noodles. Chop ham and add to dish. Give it few stirs and voila. The options are endless with this dish - your kid eats broccoli? Throw that in. I even microwaved a bowl of it later for myself. I was afraid the melted daiya might be permanently cemented to our dishes and silverware but I didn't take the time to chisel it off and our ancient dishwasher took care of it brilliantly.


  1. I love this simple recipe. This might inspire me to try some allergy-free cheeses because I really want to make an allergy-free mac and cheese for Moses. (I *love* mac and cheese...)

  2. I KNOW. Such a comfort food and downright childhood right of passage! :) Find daiya if you can and the ingredients work for you.

  3. I love Daiya though we try not to get the kids too used to it for fear that it will start a longing for cheese and sadness when they see other eating the real thing. But I'm in a pasta rut. Your recipe is simple for my own simple guys. I wonder if I'm going to far if I try to pop in some broccoli...

    And speaking of SNARF, the running joke in our house is if my eldest gets hurt, I try to make him snarf it off. If he's more scared and not in much pain, the collective family snarf usually gets him to giggle a little!