Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On the up and UP

Oh, hey there, blog! Not to brag, but not only did we survive the move, we ruled at it. Perhaps we're just getting older more mature and able, but we somehow managed to use our opposite type A tendencies to simultaneously conquer both unpacking and organizing. My laid back BFF (visiting from San Fran) somehow refrained from tying me to a chair and drugging me with melatonin. What can I say, we're doers. And we totally ♥ our new space.

As fun as camping is (read sarcasm), I moved all our kitchen stuff over the day before moving so that we could jump right back into modern day conveniences like forks and hot food. The new kitchen is pretty dreamy, and it's my intention to blog recipes again. I actually have no choice in the matter as Jack is a little sick of some of his old favs. Can you blame him???

Oh, and, word to the wise: NEVER EVER I REPEAT NEVER USE ORANGE GLO ON WOOD FLOORS. As the previous owners of this place obviously did. I won't get into the nitty gritty (literally) of it, but there was a dull milky hazy residue covering our floors and after a bit of research and a LOT of work, I've remedied the awful results of good ole o-glo. See below:

Can you feel my rage? Or the loss of feeling in my triceps?

Well that's better.

Harvey turned THREE yesterday. We'll be having a teeny little birthday dinner for him this weekend so I need to come up with dinner and dessert (HAS TO BE CHOCOLATE FOR MY HARVSKY) that Jack and my allergic Dad can enjoy. Fortunately, my family is of the easy to please variety.

What greater excuse than his birthday to post this little gem?

Also noteworthy? We have not experienced a single down-swing in Jack's behavior since ceasing homeopathy. Even throughout this whole moving business (!). This tells me two things; yes, it was likely the miasms causing healing reactions that I was fearing were behavioral cycles AND yes, the homeopathy is doing WORK within him and while it's hard on him (and us) there is still work to be done and we will continue our journey with Heilkunst, soon. Though I admit the vacation from it has been nothing short of AWESOMENESS. In the grand scheme of things, it's like ripping off a big arse band aid once a month...eyes on the prize!

While I'm indulging in a nauseating showboat fest of a post, KFA (huge organization for children with food allergies) added Food Allergies and Me to their website. If you order from their page, KFA receives a portion of the funds.


  1. Great to hear that your move went well and that Jack did amazing during the move!! Yay!

    Happy Birthday to Harvey!

    Congrats that KFA added Food Allergies and Me to their website! I'm planning on asking Moses' Kindergarten teacher to read it to his Kindergarten class so that all the kids understand his allergies!

    Glad that you're back to blogging. I missed your posts!

  2. Thank you, Janice! I hope Moses' class enjoys the book - I'll be doing the same for Jack's PEP class this year. :)

  3. Oh man! That pic of Harvey is priceless! Happy third birthday to him!

    And congratulations on your book getting a deserved listing on the KFA website :-)