Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Packed up my bored little vikings this afternoon and set sail on a mini voyage. Our destination? Our former residence (still in escrow). Our mission? To pillage the yard of anything edible.

Truly, I went for mint. I need it for a dessert I'm making this Friday and, after years of ripping it up and cursing it like a weed, I refuse to pay money for the delicious garbage. I figured I'd grab a few lemons, check out the heat stricken cucumbers, and maybe find a cherry tomato or two worth picking.

Well, we sailed back with far more booty than expected!¹

Not featured are the two dozen tomatoes Harvey picked and devoured.
(first dose of silence I'd had all day)

Gourds? Pumpkins? NOPE - lemon cucumbers. Aren't they dreamy?

My first thought after cleaning these up was "Darnit!, out of hummus" but a dash of sea salt was really all it needed. Even the dark orange ones, while tougher skinned, are delicious.

The lopsidedness makes my heart pitter pat.

¹ Vegetables grow a heckuva lot faster when you aren't impatiently stalking them.

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