Monday, August 15, 2011

Cleansing my Body and Conditioning my Brain

Cleansing is easy. AFTER day two. Day two feels like what Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew looks like. One big ugly day of detox. Like any self respecting junky, I felt good and sorry for myself. But I had given my swiss cheese of a mind a focal point, and that focal point was Somalia. My body missed it's expected intake of convenience food. BOO. HOO. I have the OPTION to eat beautiful organic superfoods, foods that make me a better wife, mother, friend, and human being. And at the risk of sounding like a big fat sassy pants; choosing convenience is selfish in a way that I just can't stomach right now.

Like one of Oprah's coined "Aha moments", I'm feeling a shift within that is irreversible. Clarity doesn't always give you the warm fuzzies. Meditating on these atrocities, and subsequently blowing all of my body's sodium out my eye holes, I'm left feeling empowered through a large helping of self reflection. Example: A week ago, I stressed and lost sleep over creating a safe snack food list for Jack's class for next year. LOST SLEEP OVER A SNACK LIST. Can you guess where my "feel like an a-hole-o-meter" registered when I compared my snack pack problems to those losing their babies to famine and violence? It basically maxes out.

Despite my wanting to shield my boys from "the bad stuff", we are having discussions about how fortunate they are to have the food they often whine about. A few weeks ago, in a parking lot, Harvey tugged his hand from mine, as he's prone to do. I sat him in the car and told him that cars are much bigger than him, and if he were hit by one, he could die. He looked at me indignantly. I said "Do you understand what that would mean? It would mean that your body would be dead and we would have to bury it in the ground and mommy would cry forever". His face fell and he sobbed. Ding! went the a-hole-o-meter, but he learned a little something and he hasn't forgotten it.

I can't fly to Africa and stop the corruption. I can't adopt all the babies or pray the starvation away. But I can strive to live more mindfully, always. We can count our blessings alllll day, but unless we find ways to put them into loving action, we just plain don't deserve them. Please donate to these babies today.


  1. Hey honey!

    I have posted comments on your last two posts only to find that they're both not there :-) Mmm...I'm not sure what's happening, but I think they're both lost in computer limbo land?? I do hope that this one is received though. Your blogs about detox have been amazingly well-timed...I need a major detox! I think I mentioned to you some time ago that I had let loose with eating (and the rest), and I really feel that it has now well and truly caught up with body, mind and soul are in turmoil. Every part of me needs catharsis. Interestingly, one of my best friends (here in melbourne) just called me and let me know about a religious fast that she is embarking on for a few days in a few days - she is fasting for reasons of her own, and thought I may be interested too...well, it was just the information I needed to hear...and so...I have joined the dots and will be doing a fast (detox) for three days in a few days. It will mainly consist of fruit and vegetables. goes! Your blog post brings me hope and relief...after day two, it gets 'easier'...I will keep this at the forefront of my mind Juniper...THANK-YOU XAliki

  2. Hi Aliki!

    So sorry your comments were lost in cyberspace! I love your comments. :) Cleansing has done wonders for my mind. I'm adding roasted vegetables, hummus, and some soup back in and am feeling great! A three day cleanse is the perfect amount of time to make you realize how much better you feel and gives you the inspiration you need to stick to the practice of clean eating again. GOOD LUCK and love to you!! You'll have to blog it so I can read. :)