Friday, August 19, 2011

Some things

Filling out forms and prepping for the school year to begin (gulp). In addition to the seven thousand enrollment forms, us allergy folks get to fill out this SIMPLE PAPERWORK before an Epi-pen can be kept on campus. Here's hoping Jack's bowels stay composed when we drop by the allergist's office for signatures today.

(thanks A LOT legal system - *handcramp*)

(HOWEVER, this pretty much RULES - I ♥ you, legal system!)

In entirely unrelated news, I read Beatrice's Goat to the boys this week. It's a beautiful story, and a true story. In 1991, through the organization Heifer International , a dozen goats were given to families in Beatrice's village in Uganda. Beatrice's family named their goat Mugisa, which means "luck". The goat gave the family two babies and lots of milk which they were able to sell. This meant a new home for the family and an opportunity for Beatrice to attend school, a dream of hers. When the book was written, it's success led to a scholarship for Beatrice to attend bigger schools in Uganda she eventually graduated from Connecticut College where she received a degree in public service.

While my boys are a bit young to fully understand just how much a small gift like that can affect the lives of others, they certainly understood that Beatrice was without, and with their "lucky" gift, she was able to go to school and live in a home that would protect their family from the rains. I want them to realize not just how fortunate they are, but how easily their fortune can bring hope and life to those in need.

School starts in less than three weeks. I'm not sure at all how I feel about that. What I am sure of? I need to soak up these last days of doing whatever we feel like. It's been a real treat.

(we're lucky in that our ducks love gluten free bread)


  1. Now that school is approaching, my true feelings are starting to surface. I'm completely anxious about it. My last Heilkunst session was all about MY anxiety about Moses starting school (Kindergarten). Moses, on the other hand, is doing well emotionally right now (knock on wood) -- that might change as we start tackling the ringworm miasm... I might write a post about this eventually when I pull my thoughts together on this one....

    Have fun enjoying the last three weeks of summer vacation!!

  2. By the way, can you add a search function on your blog? Sometimes I want to search for an old post and I can't find a search option.... Thanks!

  3. Hey Juniper!

    Wow! SCHOOL! I imagine this point in yours and Jacks life is heralding some very mixed emotions. Not only would you be addressing the common ideas, such as, "my little boy is growing up", but you are also tackling the 'allergy aspect' of sending Jack to school. Understandably challenging I think...challenging on a practical, emotional and mental level.

    I read about a concept the other day that really resonated with me...quite a simple one really, but one that I have been using...when you leave your child with someone (e.g. caregiver, friend, family, school, etc) expect that everything will travel well. So, when you say good-bye to them, say it with genuine happiness, and not anxiety. The writer was suggesting that our children carry our conscious and unconscious emotions...if we leave them thinking that the universe is in our favour, then it will be. I know, simple. But for me, this is something small that is helping me almost daily. ya' Aliki X

  4. Janice - will do! :)

    Aliki - Thx!! Yes, I completely agree with that. I was also told that you should treat the first day of school the way you'd like to treat every future day of school, if you engage in the anxiety it will become habitual. This is true for all children so I imagine it will be especially true for Jack who has anxiety in general. Mixed emotions is RIGHT! :P

  5. I filled out the anaphylactic risk paper work for Moses' school today. Hand cramp is right!