Friday, September 9, 2011

Well, it happened.

School started. The morning of Day 1, went well enough. Jack seemed unphased at the idea of going, we had been to the school twice in the days leading up to then so he was pretty primed. On the way to school, he stuck to unrelated topics. Like this:

Jack: Mommy, did you know that Earth is the only safe planet for us?
Me: Yep.
Jack: Mars isn't good. And "Anus" isn't good.

Somehow, despite my PTSD, I remembered that savory factoid for you. I saved all my anxiety for middle of the night hyperventilation attacks, martyrs mothers sheild their children like that. But, thank God, I had a good deal of peace that morning. Which is good because the drop off looked like this:

(I like to make my facebook friends feel grateful they're not me.)

He had diarrhea right after school and just before school the following day. That's how nervous our boy gets. He told me "I HATE YOU......*grumble grumble* leaving me like that!" Glad I let him finish the sentence. He hid under a desk for the first bit of the day but slowly crept out and his teacher had nothing but positive things to say about him. Bless her. By yesterday (third day) he was EXCITED to go to school. He carried his own backpack for the whole walk and marched up the ramp behind his teacher with the other kids instead of crying. THIS IS SUCCESS, PEOPLE.

Last night (during the great power outage of 2011) Jack pointed to his school from our backyard and said "there it is, my new school, I belong there!" HEAVENS OPEN, ANGELS AND UNICORNS SING. Just more evidence that Jack is sometimes contrary just to be contrary. But, when it's inexplicable optimism, we savor it. In other awesome news, Harvey's first day of preschool looked something like this:

(This kid is so enthusiastic, it kills me. So he sometimes poops his what!)